World of Warcraft Patch 2.3.2.: What You Should Know

One of the most popular online games is World of Warcraft, giving thousands of users a virtual world to play and battle in. But as with any computer software program upgrades and patches are constantly needed to enhance the experience and to create a better playing environment. The newest patch, 2.3.2. has just been released and if you’re a World of Warcraft player, you need to know what’s changed and how it affects you as a player. So let’s take a look at what the new patch delivers to your online gaming experience!
First, let’s find out what got fixed in the way of game bugs – errors that either just annoy the player or can crash the game.

One of the most irritating bugs consisted of having all sound disabled in the game when you unplugged your headphones or speakers during the game and then plugged them back in for some reason. That, thankfully, has been fixed. As well, disconnecting your USB headset won’t cause a conflict with the voice chat menus and allow you to keep communication with your friends.

Other bugs fixed included avoiding have the server disconnect when you moved the mouse over the recipes when in the guild bank along with the ability to own up to five Paper Flying Machines in one stack.

Many items have had their status changed. And you can now purchase the Vengeful Gladiator’s Grimoire from vendors!

Some of the Dungeons and Raids have been tweaked slightly to change the number of attackers and the sequence of certain tasks.

For you crafting characters, there have been changes there as well. Under Enchanting you now need a Runed Fel Iron Rod to Enchant Shield – Resilience instead of the Runed Adamantite Rod you needed before. Cooking characters can now relearn the recipe for Goldthorn Tea for free from Henry Stern in Razorfen Downs if they had the knowledge stripped from their character previously.

The list of changes for Rogues, Warriors and so on are too long to list here, but be sure to check out the information and see how it applies to your character. For example, the Shaman has had the mana cost reduced to cast Lightning Shield. For Rogues using Ambush the damage multiplier has increased from 250% to 275% – making them just that much deadlier! And for the Paladin, Righteous Fury has become a much more affordable spell!

For those of you already playing World of Warcraft Patch 2.3.2 will certainly enhance the gaming experience and for those of you who haven’t tried this fast-paced, entertaining game – what are you waiting for? Get online with thousands of gamers and discover the fantastic World of Warcraft!