How and Where to Train on Runescape as a Non-Member

Have you ever seen a level 55 ranger enter bounty hunter and hit rapid 15s? With 80 ranged, my account is one of them, and in this guide, I will teach you to make your own BH God in only 9 simple steps.
Step 1 – A God is Born

Make a new account on tutorial island, NOT RAISING ANY SKILLS/STATS on it.

This ensures that you get minimum hitpoints experience, thereby making an account with a lower level with higher ranged. Ensure that your account has a name that instills fear in the hearts of other pkers. One of my accounts, for example, is called “arrow2u head”.

Step 2 – The investment

Buy at least 500 iron arrows and Oak, Willow and Maple Shortbows from the Grand Exchange. If you want your stats to look cool, i.e., having every stat at level 1 except hitpoints and ranged, money for this can be gained by running air runes on world 16 or borrowing some from a friend. If this really does not matter to you, fishing/cooking and woodcutting are easy ways to make money fast.

Step 3 – Fried chicken anyone?

Take your account with bows and arrows to the chickens at Lumbridge. There you should kill chickens until you are level 10 ranged. The feathers should be picked up in case you decide to raise fishing level or you can sell them for money/arrows later. Be sure to equip the various bows at the first chance you get

Step 4 – “Why are you killing my cows?!”

Head over to the cows which provide a little more experience than chickens. Here you should train until level 20 ranged, at which point you can buy and wear studded chaps. These provide a small ranged bonus as well as some defence. The cowhides should be taken up and stored in your bank since they can sell for 100+ gp each, making more money for use later on.

Step 5 – The God kills the Holy Ones

From here, go on to monks, found just west of Edgeville. This is one of the ideal training areas since the monks give you a lot more experience since they heal themselves, yet they only hit little damage to you. Another advantage of this area is that you can actually get the monks to heal you when you lose life and so there is no need for food! Train here until 30 – 40 ranged, at which point it might start getting a bit tedious.

Step 6 – Dragonhide! And a whole lotta arrows!

Go out and buy Green Dragonhide chaps and vambraces. If you did not buy a power amulet before, do so now. Now it is time to start gaining lots of iron arrows for bounty hunter usage. Head down into the stronghold of security and start training on minotaurs. There are two areas suited for ranging, one at the low level minotaurs (level 12) and another at the high level ones (level 27) (areas shown below). Train at whichever ones you want, since they both drop the same items. I personally find that training at low level minotaurs are better since you get more arrows because they only have 10 hp and you will kill more in the sam space of time.

Train here until you have about 10k iron arrows. This may sound like a lot but for every 3 minotaurs you kill you usually get 7 – 14 iron arrows.

You can continue training here even after until you are level 45 – 50

Step 7 – The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

At 50 ranged, you can tackle hill giants. Buy/locate a brass key and head down into the lair of the hill giants, found just between barbarian village and Varrock. To train here you will need a lot of food. There is a good spot to range from to the back of the cave( behind stalagmites shown below), and even though it is usually crowded, a concentrating person can always get the giant first. Pick up the things they drop (limpwurt roots and big bones especially) if you want to sell them later for a lot of cash.

Train here until at least 60 ranged, at which point you can go to one of the most frightening creatures on F2p worlds, the Lesser Demons.

Step 8 – Demons from Hell

Make sure you take a lobster pot (if you have level 40+ fishing), some teleport runes (if you have 25 magic), a lot of iron arrows (about 2k) and your usual armor (green Dragonhide chaps and vambraces, power amulet and whatever you decide to wear as a top and helm). If you don’t have 40 fishing or cooking, try to get a friend to go to karamja and fish lobsters for you when you need, or you can take cash to buy from players there. If you don’t have 25 magic to teleport, ensure that your hp does not go under 20 when you run out of food so that you will have enough time to go get some or run away and out of the crater.

You should train here until you achieve your range goal level since this is the best area to do so.

N.B. A good investment will be to upgrade your gravestone in the Lumbridge church to the one that lasts 4 minutes, simply because if you die in karamja, you will have enough time to get back and retrieve your items.

Step 9 – Establish yourself as the Bounty Hunter God

After all your hard work and efforts you have finally achieved the status you wanted. Take your character to the bounty hunter cave and wreak havoc on all those who dare challenge you! With high ranged and fast reaction times, you will get a lot of kills with your character. In another one of my guides, I will detail some tips and tricks for bounty hunter pking. Until then, good luck and happy pking!

With my level 50 ranger so far I have pked 17 rune scimitars, 1 set of full rune, 3 adamant sets, 3 rune battleaxes, countless arrows, 26 pure sets and at least 18 power amulets and 26 strength amulets!

Hope you enjoyed this guide!

How to Get Rich on Runescape

Do you love the game Runescape? Have you always wanted to be able to buy whatever you want on it? If these answers are yes then this article is for you.
The first way to make money on Runescape is to collect bones. If you are a beginner and you need some quick cash then collecting bones is the thing for you. Go where ever you can find goblins and start collecting bones. Get a full inventory and then deposit them in a bank. Repeat this until you have 200 bones. Then go to the grand exchange and sell them for 40,000 coins! This is a great way to make money and it works for anyone.

Another way to make money is to explore the stronghold of security. Go to the barbarian village mine and notice the hole in the middle. Right click and go into the stronghold of security. Each floor is laid out like a maze. Explore the floor without fighting the high level monsters and get to the chest. Open the chest and it will give you an increasing amount of coins on every floor. On the bottom floor it will give you a pair of boots. You will be given a choice between some very colorful boots or some fighting boots. You can come back at any time to switch these out. Go to the next paragraph to find out how to get even more coins and equipment.

The next way to make money is to go to what I call “The Land of the Cockroaches”. Go north of barbarian village until you find a crevice in the ground. Enter the crevice and you will find yourself in a jail. Find the cell that there is no door on and enter it. Right click on the poster on the wall and you will be able to enter the poster. Go around and find the lever on the starting floor. Pull the lever and go down one floor. Find the door that you just opened by using the lever and enter. Then open the chest and receive your reward of 10,000 coins and a pair of fighting gloves. This is a one time only way to earn some cash.

I hope this article has helped you as much as it has me to earn cash and equipment. I have written more Runescape articles so look around for them. Remember even when it gets boring keep on doing it to earn more and more coins.